Hotel Moskva has celebrated more than one century of existence

Exactly 104 years ago, the long tradition of hospitality began, when Hotel Moskva was built at the very center of the capital. Features of Russian Art Nouveau – architectural design and facade decoration made Hotel Moskva a recognizable culture monument of Belgrade.

With its renovation and the new glow achieved with it, Hotel Moskva made a firm step into the second century of existence and hospitality tradition. Last Saturday, 14th of January, we have proudly opened the door to the future and celebrated 104 years of existence.

From its opening in 1908, over 36 million of people visited hotel Moskva and 4 million of satisfied guests have stayed here.

Since the foundation, long history of Hotel Moskva has been built by famous people and world travelers that visited the most famous place of hospitality in the capital every day.

This is, at the same time, expression of gratitude to them, faithful guests that built our tradition with us, and an invitation to the new guests to come by Hotel Moskva to see for themselves why we last for such a long time.