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    Hotel Moskva – cultural and historical monument

    Welcome to “Moskva” Hotel, a landmark of Belgrade, one of the most important architectural gems of the Serbian capital, built in the style of the Russian secession which has been under state protection since the second half of the previous...

  • momo_thrumb

    416 apartment hotel “Moscow” was named Momo Kapor

    In honor of the character and work of a writer and painter Momcilo Momo Kapor, one of the luxury suites brought his esteemed name. Momo Kapor was a frequent and welcome guest cafeteria “Moscow”, and a quarter-floor apartment in a...

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    A summer day looks better through a glass of pink wine

    Did you know? The process of making rosé wine starts the same as the process of making red wine. Even the same grape varieties are used: Pinot Noir, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot… To make good rosé wine, in this process...

  • Accommodation

    Hotel offers special arrangements that will provide you pleasure at the best prices.
  • Restaurant

    Elegant and modern. This restaurant represents long tradition of the Hotel Moscow with its name and the atmosphere..
  • Weddings and Events

    Romantic wedding, celebration of the anniversary of successful business conduct, fashion show, book promotion or unforgettable prom...
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